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Good Wednesday afternoon! Wow! What a WOD today!! I don’t even really have anything to say except that I am spent!! I went to play basketball after the WOD and it was the worst display of basketball ever! Hahaha!! 3 air balls that were short of the rim then then next 2 I tried using a little more leg and arch on the ball and it went over the rim!! Hahahaha! Not a good day on the ol’ courts!! Check out what I had to do.

10 Calorie Air Dyne
10 Front Squat (135# – From The Floor, No Rack)
10 Burpees
**Rest 4mins X 7**

Rd. 1. – 1:26
Rd. 2. – 1:26
Rd. 3. – 1:26
Rd. 4. – 1:29 (Started feeling it)
Rd. 5. – 1:55 (I dropped the bar on front squats)
Rd. 6. – 1:35 (Tim showed up at the gym and started yelling at me)
Rd. 7. – 1:29 (More Tim yelling)

50 Hand Release Push-Ups – (10-10-10-10-10)
50 AbMat Sit-Ups – (All At Once)

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