The Real DJ Blake
Whether it was growing up listening to rock music with my dad, a pick-up game at a local park, cruising around town jamming with friends, playing college basketball or working out whenever and wherever I could, I’ve always loved being active and being around music. Combining all of those experiences in fitness, sports and music, and you have me, Dj Blake.

Those are my loves so why not combine them all and call it a job?

I started out doing radio in college, and can now be heard on the WDBR Morning Show with Julie and DJ Blake, Springfield’s #1 Hit Music Station 103.7 WDBR ( An avid lover of working out, I found CrossFit in 2008 and fell in love with everything about it. What do you do when WOD’ing? You listen to music to get pumped! They go hand in hand. I started out as nominating myself the Dj/MC at my local box, CrossFit Instinct, and would make mixes for class. CrossFit events started happening more often in the local Central Illinois area, and I began getting asked to Dj/MC events, and I found my passion. To “work” in this environment, meeting the amazing people who put on these events, and more importantly, the people who participate in these events is what I love to do. I can assure you that any event I’m Dj/Mc’ing, you will have an entertained crowd, that is full of excitement and well-informed of any information you need to get across.

With over 17 years’ experience in radio, weddings, bar gigs, CrossFit competitions, and more, I’m confident that I can meet and exceed your event’s needs.

Let me help you run your event smoothly, and you can sit back and enjoy yourself!

I look forward to working with you.

D.j. BlakeSpringfield, IL