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Good Sunday afternoon! Well yesterday was a rest day for me from the gym but not a rest day for work. CrossFit Instinct had the Grand Opening of their second location: CrossFit Instinct Central! It was awesome!! I was the D.j. for the event and all the people who came did FRAN!! What a way to break in a new gym by doing FRAN!! It was great!! After that I had to work for the radio station so it was a full day but a good one!

Now today I had to go in and do 3 maxes. Power Snatch, Power Clean, and Push Jerk. Here’s how it went today.

Power Snatch Max (8mins) – 195#
I really, really wanted 200# but I barely got 195#. I sort of pushed it up when I was standing up by hey, I got it!!

Power Clean Max (8mins) – 245#
I really want this one to go up and I know with Tim’s help it will.

Push Jerk Max (8mins) – 210#
I think I just need technique work on this.

So that was my morning WOD today! Now Tim is going to take all my results from this week and begin to torture me 🙂 with his programming!! I’m very excited and can’t wait to get started!! Feel free to follow along and try it for yourself!! My goal is to post the WODs and my results everyday!

Have a good one!!

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