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Good Tuesday evening! Wow! What a long Monday followed by a long Tuesday and today was my rest day!! Yesterday I did my WOD, played basketball, went to work and played a double header softball game! I thought today I would actually REST or do mobility but I’ve been on the go non stop. Got home from work and had to do laundry, make my food for tomorrow and just now sitting down to watch some NBA Playoffs. I did hit 2 home runs in softball last night so that was awesome!! I really feel CrossFit helps with EVERYTHING in life! I feel great, I move better, I can play basketball and then turnaround and play softball that night and not feel completely wrecked. I feel exhausted but it’s not like I just did Karen or something…hahaha!! Tim has already sent me my WOD for tomorrow and it’s not going to be fun!! I’ll post it tomorrow!! Have a great night!!

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