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WOW!! What a Wednesday!! Not only did I get a PR in my WOD but one of our members at CrossFit Instinct created an amazing video about another member that has had one heck of a transformation!!
Let’s talk about the WOD that Tim had me do today.

Max Strict Press – 165#

Max Close Grip Bench Press – 295# (5 lb PR!)

Max Weighted Strict Pull-Up – 90#

30 HSPU for time – 8 minutes

My strict press was down 10 lbs and I was a little upset about that but then when I got the close grip bench press PR I was a little more excited. I was very pleased with the 90# strict pull-up. I was hoping for 100# but maybe in a few weeks. HSPUs are one of the absolute WORST things for me in CrossFit. I was very happy with 8 minutes. I’ll take them!

Now I would like you to meet a man from our gym, Craig Backs M.D. He has been on an amazing journey and I watched it every single day in the gym. One of our other members, Tony Mehan, produced this amazing video that shows that journey. Check it out!

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