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Let the training begin! Well after a week of TIM testers it’s time to start the training. Here’s what went down today.

High Bar Back Squat 5X5 (Increase weight each set. Get DEEP but keep great form and lumbar curve)
200#/215#/225#/235#/250# – Already seeing improvements! Last week I only did 245# for 5!! Up 5 pounds baby!

Single Leg Lunge With Back Foot Extended On Bench 3X10 – These were nasty!! It takes more balance than you think.

Reverse Hyper 3X15 (Light Weight)
10# – I did 10 then 5
10# – I did 10 then 5
10# – All 15 consecutive

50 Knee To Elbows (Every Drop From The Bar is 15 Double Unders)
15 – DROP – 10 – DROP – 15 – DROP – 10
Total Double Unders = 45

Overall it was a really good WOD today. I know back squats are not my strength but I’m ready to try and make them better. Baby Steps!!

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