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Good Tuesday morning! We had some wicked storm come through Springfield, IL last nigh! Wow!! I had to let the dogs into my room, they were a little scared. It’s just suppose to just rain and rain all week. Hopefully it will be nice this weekend for the Grand Opening Of CrossFit Instinct Central!! That’s right, CrossFit Instinct is opening their second location!! Owners/Coaches Tim and Molly found a great location in the FairHills Mall and they are ready to get in there and start some more in depth training and coaching. Come on out this Saturday from 8:30a.m. – 11:30a.m. for the Grand Opening! I’ll be out there playing music while others do a nice little workout called FRAN 😉 Should be fun!! Hope to see you there!


Well yesterday marked day #1 of what I’m calling “The Tim Hahn Experience.” Tim is more than just the co-owner of CrossFit Instinct. He’s an amazing athlete, a great coach and more importantly he’s become a close friend of mine. I meet Tim in the summer of 2005 after I graduated college. Since then he’s become a great friend and a guy I can always call to play basketball anytime! I sat down with Tim a few weeks ago to talk about where my training is going or needs to be going. I had a nasty back injury right before the open and I’m just trying to put that behind me mentally. I know I’m ok but in the back of my mind on some movements I will still think to myself, “Am I going to hurt myself doing this?” I asked Tim to program for me and get me going in the right direction. He said to give him a week and then we would dive right in. Well, yesterday started that week. This first week is a week of testing to see where I’m at. After this week he will use the results to set my program up and hopefully get me stronger. I’ll be posting what I’m doing daily on this blog so you can follow along as well. Don’t laugh at how bad I am 😉 We’ve all got to start somewhere right??!! So if you decide to follow this blog, GOOD LUCK!! Leave some comments and let me know how you are doing. Let’s Do This!

Monday April 15, 2013 (Day #1)

Back Squat – 2 RM = 285#

AMRAP Back Squat – 85% of 2 RM (above) – 1 set = 245# for 5 reps

500m Row for time = 1:37
(Rest 2 mins In The Rower)
500m Row for time = 1:38

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