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Good Sunday afternoon! Hope you had an awesome weekend! Mine has been great! Yesterday the Bulls won in TRIPLE OVERTIME! I was at home watching with my g/f and I was going crazy!! My friend and trainer, Tim, he was at the game! He was like 2nd row over by the Nets bench!! I’m pretty sure I saw him a few times on T.V.! Well now before the amazing Bulls game, I had an AWESOME WOD brought to you by Mr. Tim Hahn! Here’s what went down on Saturday:

Saturday April 27, 2013

Dynamic Back Squat – 10 Sets Of 2 (10 X 2) – 50% of MAX with chains. Focus on being slow and controlled all the way down to the bottom of the squat then SPEED up!
–> 165# (with big chains) for all 10 sets.

Dynamic Speed Deadlift – 10 Sets Of 2 (10 X 2) – 65% of MAX with chains. SPEED UP & DOWN! Rest at the bottom. **I wasn’t really sure of my deadlift max so I went with what felt good**
–> 225# (with big chains) for all 10 sets.

Reverse Hyper 3 Sets Of 15 (3 X 15) Try for unbroken.
–> 10# All 3 sets done unbroken!

12min EMOM HSPU – Try to get 5 unbroken kipping hspu’s each time. Focus on tripod and keeping butt off the wall.
–> 5/5/5/5/5/5/4/4/3/2/5/4
**These were the best hspu’s I’ve ever done! It really started clicking with focusing on the tripod and not touching the wall until I pushed my feet up!**

I gotta give a shout out to one of our other trainers at CrossFit Instinct, Caroline, she was in the gym early before class and completed the whole WOD with me!! She was yelling at me making sure I did it all right!!


Sunday April 28, 2013

Ok so here’s where I almost, ALMOST met Pukie! Talk about getting in a great WOD on a Sunday! I’ve never puked during a WOD but today was very, very close to that happening. Here’s what went down today!

8min AMRAP
–> 200m Row
–> 20 Wall Ball (20#)
–> 10 Pull-Ups
TOTAL = 3 Rounds + 11 Wall Ball


8min AMRAP
–> 15 Calorie Air Dyne
–> 15 Hip/Back Extensions
–> 10 Toe 2 Bar
TOTAL = 4 Rounds + 3 Calorie Air Dyne


8min AMRAP
–> 100m Run
–> 10 Ring Dips
–> 5 Chest 2 Bar Pull-Ups
TOTAL = 4 Round + Run

I was really feeling Pukie after the second 8min AMRAP. I did EVERYTHING UNBROKEN!!! The only time I dropped was on the last set of Chest 2 Bar Pull-Ups and I was doing those butterfly style.

If you’re looking for a WOD that will push you to the max, go ahead and try this one!!

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