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Good Friday afternoon! Hope you are having an awesome Friday!! I got my day started off the right way, I got some revenge on Amanda!! One month ago Tim introduced me to a very nice girl named Amanda and she beat me up pretty bad, I got her back this morning!!

Squat Snatch (135#)

One Month Ago Time = 10:57
Today’s Time = 8:26

#BOOM Take that AMANDA!! I would have had around 8 minutes but on my final 2 muscle-ups I failed twice!! I never fail twice on muscle-ups but I was gassed!! My squat snatches were still landing with a wide stance so I need to keep working on that.

What a great Friday morning!!

Shout Out to my guys up at CrossFit Bloomington Normal. I did my WOD today while wearing their Suns Out Guns Out tank top…must have special powers in it!!

DJ Blake

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