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Good Tuesday evening! Hope you had a great day! Today was the start of our CrossFit Instinct Throw Down! For the next 4 weeks, every Tuesday, the whole gym will be doing the same WOD and scores will be kept to determine an overall winner! There are several divisions including Men’s and Women’s RX, Men’s and Women’s Scaled, and even Masters Divisions for Men and Women!! I am competing in the Men’s RX division. This year we are suppose to keep the scores secret so no one knows which is sort of cool. I’ll post what the WOD was then at the end I’ll post my results for all of them.

You have one minute at each bar to complete:
1 Cleand and Jerk
20 Double Unders RX/ 40 Singles Scaled & Masters
If you do not complete the weightlift AND all the jumprope you cannot move on to the next bar.
If you move on to another bar but fail the lift, you can do as many DU/Singles as possible in the remaining minute for a tie breaker score.
Score= last successful lift + DU/Singles at successful weight plus any at failed weight.
Men’s RX

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