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Well hello there! It’s Sunday evening and I’ve had one heck of a busy weekend so I need to give you my results from my Saturday and Sunday WODs! This weekend was a crazy one!! I made Friday my rest day because I had to take the day off and drive to La Porte, Indiana for my cousins’ wedding!! I was a groomsman so we had the rehearsal and all that good stuff on Friday night so I figured I would just make that a rest day and knock out a WOD on Saturday morning and Sunday when I got home. Well I got up early on Saturday and went to find a gym that I found online, they said they were open 24-hours but I went and they were closed….hhhhmmmm….so what do you do when that happens and it’s nice you?? You go find a park and do an outside park WOD!! Here’s what I did on Saturday.

Friday 5-3-13 –> REST DAY

Saturday 5-4-13 –> Park WOD
50 Body Weight Rows
*Run–not sure how far–40 yards maybe*
50 Air Squats
50 Double Unders
50 Hand Release Push-Ups
50 Knee To Elbow
TIME = 16:53

It was a great way to get the blood flowing and enjoy the great weather outside!! This is why I LOVE CROSSFIT!! You can make ANYTHING a WOD!!

After that WOD it was time to get ready for the ol’ wedding! It was an amazing day and it couldn’t have been any more perfect!! Congratulations Brent and Amanda!! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!

Sunday was the long 4 hour drive back to Springfield. Once we got back I dropped off my bags and went straight to CrossFit Instinct to do the WOD I was suppose to do on Saturday but had no gym. Here’s what I did today!

Sunday 5-5-13
Weighted Ring Dips 5-5-5-5-
44#/50#/50#/50# –> I did all of these strict and they felt good!

Ring Rows 3×12
–> I put my feet up on the 30in box to make it harder.

8 Tabata Push Press (85#)

Air Dyne (10min cool down)
92 calories
52-54 RPMs
It was a nice relaxing ride.

And now I’m ready for bed!!

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