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Good Tuesday morning! Hope your day is going great so far!! Well, I finally got some good news!! After my last post on Sunday I basically told you all about my string of bad luck with the crazy blood clot, well I got some great news yesterday. I went in and gave blood again to get my INR levels read. The nurse called me later that day and she did say that my levels were low and that I need to give blood on Thursday while I’m on vacation in Myrtle Beach. That news was not fun to hear but it all turned around after that. I asked her what I was cleared to do while on vacation as far as activities. She said, “Does your leg hurt?” I took a moment in the studio to stretch and try to make it hurt but it didn’t so I responded with, “No.” She then said, “Well, just go enjoy your vacation and don’t worry about anything. Try not to get cut or hit in the leg.” I was super excited! I then said, “Well what about CrossFit or working out? What can I do there?” She said, “If you don’t have pain, you can slowly get back into it.” That was all I needed to hear!! WOOT! WOOT! I’m going to enjoy my vacation and hopefully start back at CrossFit Instinct next week!! FINALLY!!! I’m so excited!! Well, you might not hear from me for a week or so while on vacation but, maybe I’ll get up early one day and drop you a line!! Talk to you soon.

DJ Blake

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