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Good Day To You! Hope you are doing great today. Some of you may have heard and some of you may not have heard that I was bouncing around hospitals and seeing doctor’s yesterday (Monday June 3, 2013). Well I just want to take a minute and let everyone know that I’m doing ok and I’ll be back to CrossFit Instinct in no time…I Hope 😉 Here’s what went down yesterday, I’ll do my best to give you the short version. I woke up Monday morning and my leg was hurting, it was hurting like it did a few months back when I had to go see a doctor and found out I had superficial thrombosis or a small blood clot in my leg. It was not the deep vein kind that can get bad so they gave me some medicine and I took some time off and I was all good after that. I was filling in on the WDBR Morning Show so I told myself if it gets worse and turns red just like the last time that I was going back into see the doctor. Well, the picture you see above is right before I went to the doctor. As you can see, it just look like red lines spreading around my leg and that usually means something is up. When the doctor saw this she told me exactly what we were going to do. She sent me across town to get a sonogram done to make sure this one wasn’t a deep vein blood clot. After the sonogram she told me to stay there until she called me back with the results and what to do next. Well, the results were NEGATIVE for deep vein which was a HUGE PLUS but there was still more to be done. She told me this was one of the biggest superficial blood clots she has seen and we need to figure out what is going on. She then sent me across the street to another building to have some blood work done. By blood work I mean I filled up about 8 vials of blood!!! They are testing me for everything!! After I gave blood I had to go and pick up 2 prescriptions, one was a blood thinner pill, the other was a blood thinner shot that I would have to give myself 🙁 After I picked up the medicine I had to go back to the doc’s office and learn how to give myself this shot. That was all sorts of fun!! I have never had a problem with needles all my life but it took me a few minutes of just looking at it before I finally stuck myself and did it!! After that and getting tons of paperwork and information on what they think is going on, I finally got to head home at 4:30p.m.. My first appointment was at 11:30a.m.!!! It was a long day. So that’s all I know right now, tomorrow I go back to the hospital to give more blood and talk to a hematologist. She is suppose to have all my results from yesterday and should be able to give me more information…hopefully. I just wanted to let you all know I’m all good and everything is going to be fine!!! I’ll talk to you all lata 🙂

DJ Blake

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