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Good Tuesday afternoon! Well, i have a lot to bring you up to speed on that has happened in the past week so let’s get to it. Well the last time I talked to you was a week ago today. It was day #1 after the Memorial Day Murph WOD and I was hurting very bad in my left arm. Well I woke up the next day, Wednesday, and the pain was in my right arm. This is when I started to freak out about possibly having RHABDO or Rhabdomyolysis. That’s basically when you break down your muscles so much that it gets into your bloodstream and it could get bad. A fellow cross fitter, Jeff, went through this a year or so ago and they reached out to me and I thank Jeff and his wife Faith for calming me down. I couldn’t extend my arms down until Friday and then the pain was gone on Saturday. Thanks also to a great coaching staff at CrossFit Instinct, (Tim, Molly, and Caroline) they talked to me almost everyday checking on me and reassuring me not to rush back and just give it time to heal and do it’s thing. I really appreciate that. Finally on Saturday I did a small WOD if you want to call it that.

Saturday June 1, 2013
*Rode Air Dyne for 8 minutes using all legs and very little arms.

*Hack Squat 3 X 5
–> 270#
–> 270#
–> 270

*Single Leg Lunges With Foot On Bench 3 X 10

*AB Mat Sit-Ups (Straight Arms And Touch My Heels) 2 X 25

Sunday June 2, 2013
* Death By 10 Meter Sprints
–> Completed – 16 Rounds (Died on 17)

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