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Good Saturday morning to you! Well, it’s been awhile since my last post. The last time I talked to you I was getting sort of “cleared” by my doctor to go and enjoy my vacation in Myrtle Beach! Well, Myrtle Beach was awesome!! As you can tell from the picture on this post we had a group of 9 and we had a blast!! I did get two metcon-ish WODs in while I was there. My buddy Eric and I went to CrossFit Myrtle Beach on Thursday and did a nice little metcon WOD and that was my first real activity since the whole blood clot thing. Then on Saturday I was up early so I went down to the beach and did my own little beach WOD with a nice jog added in there. It was great!! We had great weather! We were on the beach most of the day everyday! We ate some great food and played lots of mini golf!! We actually played one round of real golf as well. It was a very nice course that had 27 total holes and 25 of them had some sort of water hazard on them!! It was crazy!! I lost 12 balls!! How ironic that 12 is my favorite number!! All in all it was an amazing time and I’m so glad all my friends were able to go!!

Well I’ve been back since Sunday night and I didn’t do a workout on Monday or Tuesday but I got three really good metcon WODs in on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. They were so good I actually named one of the WODs CLOT!! Hahahaha!!! Speaking of blood clots, I had to give blood again yesterday and when the doc called me back she said my levels were GREAT!!! So over this weekend I have to take a certain amount of meds again until Monday and then maybe, MAYBE if my levels are good they will allow me to get back to doing some weights!! I sure hope so!!

Well that’s all I got for now but I’ve got some good news about an upcoming event!! Stay tuned!!

Dj Blake

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