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Good Wednesday afternoon!! Hope your HUMP DAY is going well!! Just a quick update on how my leg is doing: I went and saw a hematologist today and we are basically just waiting for results to get back from the blood work I had on Monday. Once we get those back then we will know more. For now I just have to keep taking my blood thinner medicine and give myself injections and then we will figure out where to go from there. I asked her about when I can return to to CrossFit and playing basketball and she told me just to listen to my body and DO NOT GET HIT IN THE LEG!! So for right now since my leg is very sore when I bend it there will be no basketball and no leg workouts. However I might hit the beach body workouts meaning biceps, triceps, chest and abs for a few weeks now. Speaking of beach body workouts, check out Dan Bailey’s new workout video!!!

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