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Good Sunday morning and Happy Father’s Day!! Today is Sunday June 16th 2013 and I have not done a workout of any kind since Friday June 7, 2013. This whole blood clot situation is really taking a tole on me, I thought it would be taken care of by now but it’s taking longer than I had hoped. Last Friday on June 7th, I did some Biceps and Triceps and that was the last workout I have done. As you recall I was told by my doctor that I could go do upper body stuff but not to do anything with my leg until test results came back and they could figure out what was going on. Well after that workout on Friday I really started feeling a little weird. I was beginning to lose my appetite and was feeling very, very exhausted and all I wanted to do was sleep. I went over to Jacksonville, IL on Saturday June 8, 2013 to cheer on some peeps from my CrossFit Instinct family in a competition. I knew something was weird when I wasn’t hungry for breakfast and all that sounded good was a Sonic Breakfast Burito (are you kidding me.) So I went to Sonic and headed over to Jacksonville. I started feeling just very exhausted and headed back to Springfield after the event. I took a nap when I got home. Then on Sunday June 9, 2013 I did some light yard work outside and then took another nap and still not very hungry at all. On Monday June 10, 2013 my plan was to go to the gym after I went to give some blood. Well I was feeling very, very exhausted and no appetite once again so when I went to give blood I asked the nurse if the loss of appetite and feeling exhausted were a side effect to the blood thinner medication and injections I had been doing. She informed me that can’t CONFIRM they are side effects because all patients react differently to the medication but that if I was feeling that tired and exhausted don’t ignore it and go get some rest. Getting rest is exactly what I did. I went home and slept for about an hour and a half then after work I took another 30 min nap. It was my last day of shots so maybe things would start to turn around for the better. Tuesday I worked both jobs and that was a super long day but I made it. I went to bed early and felt a little better on Wednesday. Wednesday morning was the first time I actually woke up a little bit hungry and ate some real food. I had some eggs, bacon, sausage, and milk. It felt good to finally eat again!!! Thursday and Friday I was feeling much better but just opted out of going to the gym. I gave blood on Friday and my INR levels were low so they are trying a different dose of coumadin blood thinner over the weekend and hopefully…HOPEFULLY on Monday (tomorrow) when I go back in to give blood, my levels will be PERFECT and I can enjoy my trip to Myrtle Beach without having to give more blood!!! I just keep telling myself that taking time off and resting in the BEST THING TO DO!!! My family, friends, and CrossFit Instinct Coaches have been so great in keeping me positive. It’s hard to just sit around when all you do is run around being active doing CrossFit and playing basketball, softball and just always on the go. I also want to thank the amazing staff at Springfield Clinic!! Everyone on the staff that has answered my questions no matter how silly they might seem. I’m always calling to see if I can go do something active and they always remind me to get better first!! It’s been a long few weeks but hopefully the end is near and I can get back at it!!! Talk to you all later!!

DJ Blake

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