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Good Tuesday afternoon! Well I went to Chicago on Saturday for the Cardinals vs. Cubs game and guess what happened?? I got pooped on! Yup, I got pooped!! The game hadn’t even started yet and I got pooped on by a Wrigley Field Pigeon!! We were sitting in the bleachers in dead center field and then it happened!! Not only that but the Cardinals lost 🙁 Oh well, it was all good because we ate Giordano’s Pizza before the game!! After the game I headed back to Pontiac to sleep. I woke up, went to church, ate breakfast with my mom, step-dad and sisters. Then I got on the road back to Springfield and went out on the lake. My g/f and I rode the jet ski for awhile then we went up to the Elk’s Lodge and fell asleep in the sun. I was super tired. We then decided to get off the lake and right when we did it started raining so it was perfect timing. After the lake it was time to eat and cook food. That took a long time so I ended up not WODing on Monday and I’m going to hit up CrossFit Instinct after work today!! Well, I better get back to work now!! Talk to you soon!

Dj Blake

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