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Happy CrossFit Games Open To YOU! Hope you made it through 14.1 and are looking forward to 14.2. What will Mr. Castro throw at us this time?? I did 14.1 on Friday morning and got 308!! I was very pleased with that score. Right before the WOD I told a few people at the gym what my goal was. I wanted to get 100 snatches in 10 mins. That would have been 310 reps and I got 308, I was close!! I was going to attempt it a second time and really, REALLY wanted to but a minor injury kept me from doing so. After I did 14.1 I headed to work. While standing at work I got a terrible pain in the back of my knee. After having it looked at by a trainer and PT we thought it was a Baker’s Cyst but now it might be some tendon issue. Let’s pray that 14.2 doesn’t have any jumping in it!! Keep me planted to the ground or have pull-ups or muscle-ups then I’ll be good. Well, good luck to YOU in 14.2.

DJ Blake

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