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Well, how are you feeling?? The 2014 CrossFit Games Open is now…CLOSED!! How did you do?? Are you happy with your performance?? Did you do well on some and find some weaknesses on others??? I’m in that boat there. I’m happy with 3 out of the 5 events. 14.2 and 14.5 were not good for me. I now know that I need to work on overhead squats and I also need to work on my form on thrusters and get my engine up better.

So what are your plans now?? Some of you are gearing up to compete at regionals and that is AWESOME!! I’m hopefully going to make a trip up to Chicago to watch the North Central Regionals this year. The rest of us, what are we doing now??? Well for me, this week is sort of a reload and de-stress week. I’m actually at home right now with a sore throat and hoping that goes away real quick. After this week I’ll take a look at what I need to work on, talk with my coaches and hopefully do some individual work but also enjoy class WODs.

I always seem to stress myself out about doing my very best and always being the best but CrossFit is so humbling that it really just puts you in place. Some days you got it, some days you don’t. Some events are right in your wheel house, some events are not. That’s the beauty of CrossFit. You always seem to find a weakness…now it’s what you do with that weakness. Do you just not work at it so it will always be a weakness OR do you step and and bust your but so you don’t get burned on it again??!! That’s what I’m looking to do!!

Hope you had fun during the open and hope to see some of you around some competitions and events!!!


DJ Blake

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