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Happy New Year everyone! Wow! It’s been way, way, WAY too long since I made a post on here and I’m sorry about that. I’ve had a lot happen since July of 2014. I took a new job over in Terre Haute, IN. I have my own morning show now on B92.7FM. You can catch me online! We also have mobile apps for Android and iPhones. You can just search for them in the Google Play store or on iTunes.
With moving and starting the new job and doing events at the end of summer last year and going on vacation I just haven’t had a chance to make a post and that’s not cool. One of my new year’s resolutions/mottos this year is, “2015 MAKE IT HAPPEN.” and that’s what I’m going to do! Whatever I want to do, I’m just going to MAKE IT HAPPEN! That means a blog post hopefully every week. I might even start a video blog, I’m just not sure yet. I hope to see you soon at some events or drop me a message on here or any other social media outlets! I would love to hear from you!

Talk to you soon.


DJ Blake

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