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What up everyone?! Happy Hump Day to you! I meant to get this posted on here earlier this week but just didn’t have a chance. I will be over at Capital City Crossfit in Springfield, IL on Saturday to be the dj/emcee for the IceBreather competition! I absolutely love going back to Springfield and seeing all my peeps! I hope to see you there! It’s a great event and you should come out and support your favorite box and or athlete!!

I also wanted to mention that over the long three day weekend we just had my girlfriend and I had the chance to go and see American Sniper. It was an amazing story and an amazing movie that also has a connection to CrossFit but we’ll get to that in a minute. I’ve had some time to think about the movie, the story and hear and read some articles and I would just like to say, “GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL OF OUR TROOPS PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE.” I don’t care what you do, which part of the armed forces you are in, YOU are ALL HEROES! I don’t think I need to say much more than that, a simple “THANK YOU” isn’t enough.

Now for the connection to CrossFit, there is a CrossFit/Fitness clothing company that some of you might know of and some may not know of. FORGED is the company/brand and they are the OFFICIAL LICENSED merchandise for the movie, American Sniper! They have been helping raise money for Tayla Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, with their THE LEGEND campaign! If you purchase an item with them, portions of your purchase go to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. Check them out at

Hope to see you soon.



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