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Well it was a great week this past week! I was online and had my brand new Nike Metcon 1’s ordered at 10am on Saturday January 31, 2015! Thanks to NIKE’s quick shipping, I was able to use them later that week and on my birthday! I thought I would take just a quick minute and give you my review so far. Now before I give you my review I would like you to know about the shoes I’ve been wearing. I’m the classic Chuck Taylor kind of guy. If a WOD had running or lots of box jumps in it, I would then throw on some NIKE or JORDAN cross training shoes to complete that. Personally I’ve never been a fan of Reebok and the main reason is that they never fit me very well. I have had one pair of Nano 2.0’s and I must admit they are very, very comfortable however, they are very wide on my feet and doing a WOD in them was never much fun. So now that you know a little history of what I’ve been working with, here’s a quick review of the NIKE METCON 1.

AMAZING! I put them on for the first time and they fit like a glove. The first WOD I did in them had overhead squats and they felt great! I also went for a run/jog in them and they did just great. They are flat, sturdy, and squishy all at the same time. They felt like they were broke in right when I put them on. I even shot some hoops in them and they were great! They have rubber on the arch for rope climbs and great grip on the bottom as well. I’ve only had them for a short time but I think they are great! I recommend you get a pair and see for yourself!

I’m working on some events coming up in the future and once I get those confirmed I’ll put them on the website!

Take care and hope to see you soon.


DJ Blake

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