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Good morning! Hope you are having a great day so far! It’s FREEZING cold here in Terre Haute, IN! We are in a wind chill advisory until tomorrow! Could see temps falling to -25!!! Unreal! You know what will heat this place up a little bit?? THE OPEN! That’s right the CrossFit Games OPEN starts next week! Rich Froning vs. Mathew Fraser in 15.1!! It’s on Thursday February 26, 2015! It’s going to be crazy! I don’t really know what to think about THE OPEN this year. It’s been a crazy 8ish months. I hurt my groin last May and that’s just now getting to feel much, much better. I had a horrible back injury in August of last year and both of those combined really set my training back. Look, I know I’m not a regional athlete but I still like to be able to give 110% on the WODs and not have an injury as an excuse. My strenght and engine are not where they need to be but it’s going to be fun! I’ll see how I stack up against some of my friends and hopefully not get hurt anymore #KnockOnWood.

I’ve got some events for this year PENDING at the moment and as soon as I know that I am booked for those, I’ll let you know when and where they are!

Have a great day and as Rory says, “See you on the leader board!”


DJ Blake

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