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Happy CrossFit Games Open season to you! Hope the workouts are treating you well! Last year I was traveling around and doing the Open workouts at random gyms and that was AWESOME! This year I’m back home in Springfield, IL and I’m knocking out the CrossFit Open at my gym, CrossFit Instinct. I train in the afternoon with my good friend, coach, and co-owner of CrossFit Instinct, Mr. Tim Hahn. Tim is one heck of an athlete and it’s an honor to train with him and chase him and suffer with him each day at the gym! With that being said, let’s get to the WODs!

16.1 – This is one that we did NOT do twice. I never intended to do any of these twice but Tim has a way of changing my mind! Here is 16.1

16.2 – This one KILLED me! Yes, we did this one twice. I did do better on my second try which was great! Tim got the same score but he approached it with a different game plan. It’s always nice to try different things and see what works better for you.

16.3 – I had high hopes on this one. I don’t mind the light snatches and I am fairly good at bar muscle ups. The first try I just died on the bar muscle ups, my grip was shot! We did it a second time and this time I tried something different. If you do this workout like an EMOM you should automatically get 7 rounds, that is awesome. Tim and I decided to have me do the first two rounds at normal pace then scale back and do it like an EMOM. Well, it worked AWESOME!! I got the 7 rounds I wanted and could have got a bunch more but it took all I had and a few fails to get my final bar muscle up!! I’m glad I tried something different and glad it paid off for me.

16.4 – Well hello low back! Those deadlifts really got you fired up to start off the WOD! Then the wall-balls just sucked! I tried not using my arms very much on the row because I knew I would need all the energy I had to do handstand push-ups. Those handstands will be the death of me!

16.5 – Let’s wrap this thing up!! When this workout was announced I was NOT THRILLED!! I remember how horrible it was for me two years ago and I was really not feeling it. However, my attitude changed when I really thought about how far I’ve come in those two years and I began to get motivated to really destroy my time from 2014. Well, I ended up getting a 4:28 PR!!! I couldn’t have asked for more! Take a look at Tim and I knocking out 16.5!

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