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It’s not always what you SEE in pictures that is incredible but what you DON’T SEE. In the first picture, I see a TEAM of five amazing people who did a 26-hour radiothon broadcast to raise money for HSHS St. John’s Children’s Hospital. (Side Note – I would do anything for these people.) In the second picture, I see a number, $190,336.55. Absolutely amazing! What you DON’T see in either of these pictures are the ones who really SHINE and made this all possible. You don’t see the kids fighting for their lives up in the NICU or PICU and the parents and families whose lives are turned upside down for those fighting kids. You don’t see the doctors and nurses doing everything they can to make more miracles happen. You don’t see the staff at St. John’s Children’s Hospital! (You are all simply incredible! From door greater all the way up to the CEO). You don’t see the volunteers on the phones or working behind the scenes at events. You don’t see the board-ops back at the radio stations, the promotions team, the sales team, or the sponsors who donate their time, resources, funds or goods to make all of this this possible. Oh and guess what else you don’t see? YOU!! That’s right! YOU! YOU…the ones who called in a donation, text in a donation, donated online or came by the hospital to drop off a donation. YOU…the ones who laughed and cried along with us while we were broadcasting live! YOU…the ones that “LIKED” or “SHARED” a social media post! YOU…the ones that gave us a high-five or a handshake or words of encouragement. YOU are the ones who made this happen and I can’t thank YOU enough! There’s 190,336 THANK YOUS to give and that still won’t be enough! I hope I covered every area that helped make the 2019 WDBR/WOLF/WTAX Cares For Kids Radiothon a huge success! If you had any part in this great event, no matter how big or small you think it was…it means the world. Can’t wait for 2020. Once again…THANK YOU!


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